Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine Banner

The boys and I cut tons of hearts out and strung on this red string. It made for a nice banner for Valentine's.

He is remembering family and thinking how much we love them!

I wish I had more pics of his older brother.. but he doesn't seem to want to act out for the camera anymore :)



TheLittons said...

LOVE THE PICTURES!! THEY ARE PRETTY!! I dont get on here to terribly much... I need to look at ya'lls blog more often. I use to look at it every week. I'm slacking... I know... ha!

I always look forward to hearing from ya'll!!

love, Tara

Anonymous said...

How precious! Oh, the one of Ian looking at our family pic is just heart-rending. I miss y'all!!!!!!!! You should "send that one in."

Aunt B