Sunday, September 30, 2007

Student Profile #1

We're going to try to profile a new student each week to let you know more about our kids and how you can pray for their specific needs.

Nationality: Costa Rican

Speaks 2 Languages (English & Spanish) fluently and is decent in German.

Parents: Father works in International Relations and Mother works at VCS.

Christian's family are all believers. He has an older brother and sister as well as a younger sister.

Christian plays soccer and basketball and is in all Honors classes at VCS.

Prayer Requests:

-Christian's older brother is getting ready to graduate this year and possibly go to the States for school. They are very close and this will be hard on the family.

-Christian is in a position to be a real leader in his class. Pray that God will use people to affirm those leadership qualities and that Christian will show Christ to those in his grade.

-Pray that God will begin to show Christian how he wants to use him in the future. Christian is only a 10th grader but is beginning to think about what he will do for college and in his future.

September Class Party

Thomas showing the boys that even though he's old, he can still beat them at video games.
Also sporting his new hair do (or lack there of)

From Left: Kristen (USA), Paola (Mexico), Mariam (Pakistan), Cate (USA), Keziah (Kenya)

The guys piling on the trampoline.

Becca West, one of the other class sponsors, holding Ian and hanging out with Marcus (USA)

As most of you know we are sponsoring the Sophomore class here at VCS. One of the cool things we get to do is to have activities that promote class unity. We are really excited about this because we are attempting to do something a bit different then how things have been in the past.

Historically, VCS classes have raised money throughout their high school years for a Senior trip. Usually the classes have gone to beaches or into the mountains. We have decided to see if our kids would like to do a service trip. It would still be a relaxing time spent with friends, but would focus on serving others and much as enjoying things ourselves.

We have decided that we as the 10th Grade class will try and set a new standard for class unity and service and all of this starts with the community that we can create among each other.

Last night was the first of many gatherings that we will have. It was exclusively a fellowship time that involved among other things, the kids telling Mr. Gardner that his hamburgers were burning and other kids running as they were chased by Thad the little T-Rex. It was great to spend time with the kids outside of school and see how they interact with one another. The kids ate 23 burgers and 18 pieces of chicken. They like Thomas' cooking.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Staff Retreat Worship

One of the German songs we sang during our retreat!

Staff Retreat

This past weekend was our Staff Retreat at Lindabrunn, a sports facility outside Vienna. We had a wonderful time of fellowship, worship and time in the Word. It was great to be unified as a staff and to be reminded that we are here to work together. As we go through each day, it's hard to remember our purpose for being here, especially when things get tough. But this weekend was designed to affirm each of us in the gifts God has given us, challenge us to look for ways to let our staff know we love and care for them, and to stay unified as a team through Christ's strength. It is so easy to choose to be negative and allow ourselves to bring others down. When we are walking with the Lord though, evil cannot tear us down or use us to bring others down. Please pray for our staff and for Thomas and I as we are spiritually attacked on every side. There is a true spiritual battle within the walls of VCS and it affects everyone involved.
"Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."
1 Thess. 5:16-18

"Faithful is He who calls you, and He also will bring it to pass. Brethern, pray for us!"
1 Thess. 5:24-25

Although not pictured, Mollie was able to be on the team that lead the portion of worship time in music.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Challenge for Prayer

"Austria is a cultured nation famed for its music, art and beautiful scenery. Yet Austrians need a personal faith in Christ, and only a small minority have clearly heard how they may find one. Over 75% of the population is Christian in name, but with no meaningful link with any church, yet an estimated 80% have had dealings with the occult. The high suicide, abortion and alcoholism statistics indicate the spiritual need. Pray for this nation to be set free by the power of Jesus."
"The aggressive activities of New Age movements, Eastern cults, Jehovah's Witnesses ( more numerous than evangelicals) and Mormons have gained a considerable following among younger people. Pray both for the nullification of these efforts and for the release of those ensnared."
-from Operation World, section on Austria

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

HOT lunch and more...

10th grade class

Well, we've been doing so many things since school started we haven't even taken time to update the blog! ooops! So, here's a little wrap of what's been going on.....

Ready, set, GO!

First off, we had a wonderful start to school and seeing all the students was super fun. Some of them were taller and some looked sooo different and of course there were new students entering the 2007-2008 school year.

Thomas had his 27th birthday and we were able to go out to eat with some friends without the kiddos! He is feeling super blessed to spend another birthday here in Vienna doing what he loves to do....teaching and mentoring students.

Our first big event was HOT LUNCH. Each class gets to make the hot lunch for the day in the cafeteria at least once a month. This is a fund raiser for the class. OUR class we sponser is 10th grade. Thomas and I had such fun helping to make black eyed peas, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy in the kitchen. We call it country vittles! :) The students help out and then serve during their lunch time! It's a big job and we definitely have to clean up the industrial kitchen but we get to use the super dishwasher!.... so it's a pretty big job.

Next, Thomas had his first soccer game and the boys won 4-0 against ICSB.... they are the christian school from Budapest. ( i'm sure he'd post more... but you know...)

Mollie has taken over the middle school praise band this year and they lead the singing time during the worship hour on Fridays. This is called CHAPEL :) The students love it and she's had such fun singing and practicing with these middle schoolers to prepare for Fridays.

Also, this past Friday was back to school night and Thomas had the privilege of meeting several of the parents who were able to come. Some of the parents are such an encouragement to us as we are affirmed over and over that we need to be here so they can do the work God has called them to do. We are support missionaries to those who still pastor churches, work with refugees, work undercover in countries that don't allow missionaries, and those that serve in the international government offices. What a blessing to meet these incredible people who have given up so much to allow God to use them as He pleases.

Our home bible study has also started up again! We have been privileged to host a group of about 16 people in our home for an inductive study on the book of Mark. Last night was such a blessing as we discussed the first chapter. WOW! Jesus is incredible and the example He leaves us is so beautiful.....

Well, maybe that catches you up!

hopefully we will have shorter posts that don't take so much time to read!

This is a test :)

I'm trying to figure out this video thing. So this is a video taken before the summer. Of course Thad is bigger and Ian is here now! Enjoy, while I try to make more videos of our kids and the students at school!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007