Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Thomas & Mollie/Vienna Christian School FAQs

We thought it might be helpful to have a Frequently Asked Questions section just so everyone will be on the same page with what we are doing and why.

Why do you have to raise support if you are going to work in an International School?

Vienna Christian School has a two fold purpose:
1. To reach out to the international community in Vienna and the surrounding areas
2. To support the missionary community in central Europe

These goals are accomplished by the school offering a high quality English language education that is affordable. Austria is a socialist country. Were the school to pay its teachers, the amount of money that it would be taxed would force tuition to become so high that none of the missionaries could afford it. VCS's low tuition also appeals to the portion of the international community that come from countries that are not incredibly wealthy.

To sum up, having teachers work as full time missionaries allows the school to function as an outreach and support ministry and not just a school.

There is such a need here for ministry among kids, why are you going to Austria?
There is a need here amongst our own kids. I saw that as a public school teacher. The difference is that kids here that are seeking to understand life, God, and purpose have Bible teaching churches all around them. If they are really looking, there are places all around them to meet their needs.

It's not like that in Austria. In Vienna there are a few small church plants. Outside of the city you may have one that is the only Bible teaching church in 35 mile radius. These kids are in VCS and they have the same needs and questions that American kids have, but what they don't have an abundance of people seeking to meet those needs.

If you are going into missions, why not do church planting or Bible translation?
Both of those are awesome missions opportunities. God gifts certain people in certain areas. I'm not a pastor and living in a jungle isn't up my ally. I am, however, a very good teacher and I love working with kids.

In church planting, much time is required to get to know people and begin building a community of believers. Because people are in line to put their unbelieving kids in VCS, we have instant relationships with kids through teaching and coaching. In most forms of mission work you have to seek out people, at VCS the kids are there waiting. It all comes down to how you show them that you care about them and how you establish relationships with them.

We have an awesome opportunity to pour our lives into these young people that can go back to their passport countries and have a tremendous impact on them for the glory of God. That is the goal of our ministry!