Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's been awhile!

Here are some pictures of the boys!

It snowed while Daddy was gone!

Well, suffice it to say while Thomas was gone for 2 weeks to the U.S., I stayed in survival mode and did not have a moment to post. Today as I was trying to do the dishes, I had a little T-rex attached to my leg pretending to bite me and slobbering all over me. It was then that I realized, "Oh yeah, that's why I accomplished nothing while Thomas was away!" :)

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Spiritual Emphasis Week Videos

Here is a link to my buddy Matt Klein's website. He is the co-star if this sereies of videos with me. Just scroll down on his site until you get to the Spiritual Emphasis Week Videos. You could probabaly find them on Youtube as well.

This was a series that kind was a ton of fun. We kind of made it up as we went and filmed most the day that they had to be shown in Chapel so plot wasn't the main focus. Hopefully you'll find them as funny as we did.

Side Note: Video 3 was filmed the day after the VCS Boys beat the Staff in our annual Faculty/Student Soccer game.


This Goes With The Post Below

The Final Countdown - The Longest Week EVER

DIRECTIONS: The way this post works is to hit play on the video in the above post and then read this post. Wow, our blog is so interactive.

Let me give you some advice born out of experience: Never book a trans-Atlantic flight the week after your VCS soccer season ends. This past week was insane. It began Monday with a trip to Budapest. We definately drove 2 1/2 hours to play soccer for 1 hour as our opponent had only rented the field from 4:00-5:00. That was just a bit frustrating. On top of that, we tried out a few new players and only managed a 2-2 draw against a team that we always beat.

That has kind of been the story of our season. We have had games cancelled, moved, teams not show up, and all kinds of other things that are about to drive my Athletic Director crazy. The poor guy has done an awesome job but just can't seem to catch a break. We have also only played 3 games with our full compliment of players as we have had a few key injuries and odd illnesses. We finished this portion of our year 4-4-1. Had we had all our players at our disposal I feel sure we would've had a much better record.

On Tuesday we had our second game of the week. The team came from Bratislava and didn't arrive until about 1:15 later than they were supposed to. Our field doesn't have "real" lights, only two large flood lights. Rather than cancel the game for darkness, our boys decided to play in the dark. It was hilarious for me to see our team play our best game of the year up to that point in the dark. We managed a 5-0 victory that gave us momentum going into our last game.

Friaday night we went back to Budapest to play the American International School of Budapest. It is the most beautiful high school I have ever seen. I you ever live in Budapest and have large amounts of money, I suggest you send your kids there.

The AIS schools are all 5-7 times larger than our school so anytime we can beat them is always great. We went into this game with our entire team and managed to completely outplay them. The final score of 2-0 did not reflect how well we played and how comprehensively we dominated them. Several of the parents from their school asked who we were and how big our school was. When we told them they were very suprised. It felt good to finally see my team play to their potential. We are really hoping to have a small spring season where we play some clubs and hopefully Black Forest Academy. It would be nice to add a large Christian school to our list of conquests.

Side Note: One of our players, Oscar, really likes to sing cheesy songs to get pumped up. This is where the Final Countdown comes in. Last year after our last game Oscar gave us his rendition of The Eye of the Tiger. This year it was the Final Countdown. If you've never heard the Final Countdown sung by a hispanic person I highly suggest it.

When not chasing his dream of becoming a Latino pop star, Oscar likes ot play soccer.

Thus ends the VCS Soccer season and now I can spend more time with my family.