Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas: The day grown men get a chance to play with toys and it's not weird.

See what I mean. Christmas is were adults get to act like kids by playing with the toys they spent their hard earned money on for their children. Being the good father that I am, I decided my boys needed NERF guns. And by my boys, I of course mean me. If the last 72 hours have taught me anything, it's that everyone needs a NERF gun in their life. There is nothing more satisfying than shooting your kids and or spouse and releasing some frustration. Be sure to note that they will shoot you back, so be prepared.

The awesome thing about the guns we bought is that they have velcro on the darts thereby preventing your kid from cheating when you're playing dart tag. Memo to my kids and all the other little munchkins your age: We (people in our late 20's early 30's) make the toys now and we know what cheating little turds we were when we were kids. So, don't think for a second we would create games that would allow you to cheat us...we're winners...always have been, always will be. Believe that.

I believe the phrase the kids are using these days is "pwned." Take that boy.

I got Thad some cool looking toys made by LEGO called Hero Factory. Essentially, these are the LEGO version of Transformers, but for about 1/3 of the cost. You can also take them all apart and mix and match the pieces. I thought this was cool until the little guy created this...whatever "it" is.

Now I'm no child psychologist (although I did get a B in that class in community college), but I don't think you need to be to think there might be something wrong with the 5 year old that created this thing. Scratch that, this thing is awesome and I'm actually a bit ticked off I didn't build it myself. I love my kid because he builds stuff like this. It shows imagination. I mean, the kid is related to me so what chance did he really have of avoiding having some major issues?

Anyway, here's his explanation of how this thing "kills the good guys." Pray for us.

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Christmas Pageant...sort of

Tonight we had our church's Christmas Eve service. Part of the evening included a small play put on by the 3-5 year olds. They did a great job and it was neat to see Thad and Ian part of the show.

One of the things I love about my kids is that they are freaking weird just like their dad. When given the option of what animal he wanted to be in the program, Ian subsequently selected cheetah. Epic.

Hey, you don't know if there was a cheetah at the manger. Were you there? I didn't think so. Some may think the boy odd...I would call him eccentric.

Thad was a wise man. This was an easy task for him to perform given that he is from the Gardner family.

Merry Christmas all. We hope your Christmas Eve and
Christmas are as joyful and exciting as ours!

A Christmas Eve Surprise

Early presents from Nanny and Poppy.
Let the weekly photography updates begin.

(BTW, notice how festive we are by
decking out our kids in full Halloween garb)

Monday, December 20, 2010

More pictures

The Arrival home from the hospital.

Thad and Ian sang at church on Sunday. About 2/3 of the way through the performance Ian decided to just sit down. Life is tough for a 3 year old.

Friday, December 03, 2010

snow, snow, snow

Ian trying to crawl up the mound

Thad conquering the mound

a snow angel

Thursday, December 02, 2010

December is HERE!

We've been up to quite a few things... Making funny faces is just one of them!

Kim, Joel and the kiddos came to visit us for Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful time as Joel cooked great food, the kiddos were kind and we got to go out one night to the Christmas markets alone :)

The four hoodlums. They are growing up so fast.

Yes, this was Halloween. BUT it was funny because Thomas told me he understood how it must feel to carry extra weight on the front only during pregnancy :) Well I'm not sure he can understand completely, but I am appropriately posting this as we're finally into our baby's birthday month. Daniel will be here soon and we are sooo ready!

Thanks for your prayers and keep looking for his arrival! We're down to 2 1/2 weeks more or less!