Thursday, June 05, 2008

S'more photos from the cookout

Thad's first s'more that he can remember anyways...

Sophomore Cookout

So, we had a "bonfire" and cookout last weekend with our Sophomore class and it was a blast! We played volleyball and soccer while some of the guys wrestled and Thad just plain tackled all the girls. At one point, there were about 9 students in a tree.... scary! And to top it off, Thomas grilled his famous ribs much to every one's excitement. Our little boys were amazing as they stayed up with us until 11 pm that evening. All in all it was a wonderful event and bonding time as we ended with sharing time around the "bonfire". Our bonfire, if you're wondering, was a bunch of sticks and bigger tree limbs on a small grill like structure. It was great for that evening!! These are the times we cherish and thank God for giving us moments to show love to these students and help them grow in their friendships with each other.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Headed to the USA

It's that time again! We're headed to the great state of Mississippi for the summer on June 16th and will be there until August 1st. As you can imagine, we're very excited and yet very busy wrapping up the school year. School officially ends on June 13th for teachers although the students get out a little earlier that week. For the month of May, we've had quite a lot of events and fellowship time with our staff. It's been a blast, but it seems like we have an event every other day! Today is the two week mark for flying over the ocean and I'm starting to try to organize clothes for packing. We've got to close the apartment down for the summer and so we are cleaning appliances and washing anything that can be washed :) It's fun juggling the food and making sure we don't buy more than we can consume in two weeks. I'm sure you're thinking... you have two weeks!!.... But, it's hard to plan food in such a way that you don't leave anything in the fridge or in the pantry that would spoil. Plus, we're turning off our appliances while we're away.
Anyways, I'm looking forward to organizing everything and getting this process of packing started!

In other news, Ian is walking now, well, he's standing up and taking a few steps with the most suspicious expression ever! He looks like he's not sure this is all it's cracked up to be.....who's idea is this anyway?! :)
Thad is quite proud that he's 3 years old and will be quick to tell you that he "can do it now, mommy, because I'm a big boy!". It's so matter-of-fact that he doesn't understand why you can't grasp the fact that everything is OK because he's bigger now.

Well, enough rambling today! I'll keep you posted on my packing progress and high hopes for being completely ready to go two days before we board the plane.