Monday, October 30, 2006

Tournament Champions!!

I think it should be noted that Thomas' soccer team won a tournament two weekends ago! They were up against their rival Salzburg and the team from Budapest. There were only three teams and this is the first year Budapest has initiated the tournament. But nonetheless, there was a trophy to be had and the VCS team pulled it off with 3 wins and the final ending in a shoot out! The school is proud of their team and of course I'm proud of my husband and feel it should be noted that they won. (even if he won't get on here and write about it :) The players were absolutely ecstatic that they won and brought back a trophy for their school. GO VCS!


Oct. 26-29 was a wonderful relaxing fall break! VCS was out for the holiday and we enjoyed staying close to home while others traveled around. I think this is the first break we've had since this summer before we were raising support. We are so thankful for the rest God gave us and the beautiful scenery we were able to enjoy this weekend! Here are some pictures from our hike down the mountain at Kahlenburg.

Overlooking Vienna

A beautiful vineyard

Thad at the petting zoo

Tuesday, October 24, 2006



We're BACK!!!

We are so sorry we haven't posted in such a long time. I guess this has been our busy season thus far with Thomas coaching and so many after school activities to be a part of!

Well, let's catch you up on the Vienna Christian School happenings......

On October 13th we had a fun filled Fall Festival! Try saying that 3 times in a row....:)
All the families come to the school for a night of games, science experiments, international foods, and choir performances. Many families bring food that is native to their home country to share with everyone. While the elementary kids ran from the ring toss to the go fishing booths, the High schoolers hung out in the basement where they get to show off their science experiments or they were on the 3rd floor keeping the jail full of little Junior Highers! :) After the game time was over, we all gathered into the AP room to hear the performance of the middle school choirs and beginning band. Of course they were cute and received much applause! Before the festival began, the students were given the opportunity raise enough money to pie their teachers or student counsel members. There were 5 buckets with groups of teachers/students in them. Whichever bucket had the most money dropped into by the end of the night, those teachers got pied. Thomas was definitely in a group of teachers to receive their due reward, but in the end it was the one group of student counsel kids that got pied by their classmates!
We had a great time and you can imagine how much Thad loved running to the ring toss and then going fishing. Although, he wouldn't sit still long enough to get his face painted....oh well. :)

On October 20 & 21, Thomas took the H.S. soccer team to Budapest for a tournament. I'll let him post about his weekend. But he did go to a store there where everything is so cheap!! He brought us back Mountain Dew and a huge block of yummy cheese. It's pretty sad when you're this excited about Mountain Dew huh? :) But it was a great treat and fun to have something a little like home!

On October 22, we had a new staff dinner at our Director's house in order to get to know the Director of the Board and his wife better as well as hear about the history of VCS. The passion and mission of VCS is the same and yet different. Those who started VCS could never have imagined how big it's outreach ministry is today. Created for missionary kids alone, VCS has really changed over the years with so many international kids from so many diverse religions. As the Director wisely said, "I believe God knew from the beginning that VCS would be an outreach school as well." Isn't it beautiful how God used those missionaries 20 years ago to start a school that would in time impact so many different nations around the world? As the Board continues to follow God's leading, it is neat to see that change is good when it is of the Lord. So, even though VCS has changed, the same God that began the school with one mission is behind the change that opened it to the international community. God is being glorified at VCS and we are so thankful to be a part of this mission.
( I hope my thoughts can be interpreted from this feeble attempt at explanation...not my strong point.)


Saturday, October 07, 2006

VCS Soccer In Action

Here is a link to a video of us in action. It's kind of short, but it shows us scoring on a free-kick that we have been working on for a few weeks. The guy who scores is DK. He is from South Korea but played club soccer in South Africa growing up. It was a pretty sweet shot.

Vienna Christian School Soccer

This is the starting lineup for my VCS Team. Kenny-Attacking Central Mid(Nigeria), Oscar-Defensive Central Mid(Costa Rica), Albin-Left Mid(India), Fumbi-Striker(Nigeria), Chris-Center Back(Austria), David-Goalkeeper(USA) Dong-Striker(Korea), Tam-Right Mid(Thailand), DK-Central Defensive Mid(Korea), Salil-Left Back(India), Tony-Right Back(Nigeria)

Our current record is 4-1-1.

7-0 Win against International Christian School of Budapest

12-0 Win against International Christian School of Budapest

1-0 Win over Danube International School of Vienna

2-0 Loss to American International School of Salzburg

2-2 Draw against American International School of Vienna

9-3 Win against American International School of Salzburg (Friday 10-5)
The below pictures are from the game yesterday. It was quite breathtaking to be playing soccer right in from of the Alps.

Last Friday we lost to Salzburg 2-0 even though we dominated the game. Our guys were more than motivated for the game yesterday. Were ahead 1-0 in the game initially but ended up down 2-1 with 10 minutes left in the first half. I was not happy. To make things worse, this team is really cocky and did the "shoe shine" celebration after they scored their second goal. My guys finally settled down and we were up 3-2 at the half. In the second half we dominated and frustration began to set in with the other team. They were cussing and fouling us really badly. My boys were great. They just kept their mouths shut and kept scoring. The final score was 9-3. It sure did feel good to beat the jerks. As proud of our play as I was, I was even more proud of our character and team spirit.

I have been really impressed with the level of play here. The big international schools are as good if not better than most of the large high schools in Mississippi. Somehow my little school has a lot of talent and has been able to step on the field and give everyone a good game. I wish I could bring my guys to the states to play Clinton, MC, Brandon etc. just to see how we would measure up. We might not win many of those games but we definitely wouldn't be outclassed.

I have really been struck by how God has really blessed me through soccer over this past summer and into this season in Europe. With everything that happened at MC last year I was really questioning whether or not I was a good coach or even in the right profession. My U-14's this summer and my VCS team have really renewed my passion for being involved in kids lives through soccer. My guys here really like me and respond to all my encouragement and instruction. Please pray that I will model Christ for them in how I direct our team.

We miss you all very much and look forward to being able to tell you stories in person!