Saturday, October 07, 2006

Vienna Christian School Soccer

This is the starting lineup for my VCS Team. Kenny-Attacking Central Mid(Nigeria), Oscar-Defensive Central Mid(Costa Rica), Albin-Left Mid(India), Fumbi-Striker(Nigeria), Chris-Center Back(Austria), David-Goalkeeper(USA) Dong-Striker(Korea), Tam-Right Mid(Thailand), DK-Central Defensive Mid(Korea), Salil-Left Back(India), Tony-Right Back(Nigeria)

Our current record is 4-1-1.

7-0 Win against International Christian School of Budapest

12-0 Win against International Christian School of Budapest

1-0 Win over Danube International School of Vienna

2-0 Loss to American International School of Salzburg

2-2 Draw against American International School of Vienna

9-3 Win against American International School of Salzburg (Friday 10-5)
The below pictures are from the game yesterday. It was quite breathtaking to be playing soccer right in from of the Alps.

Last Friday we lost to Salzburg 2-0 even though we dominated the game. Our guys were more than motivated for the game yesterday. Were ahead 1-0 in the game initially but ended up down 2-1 with 10 minutes left in the first half. I was not happy. To make things worse, this team is really cocky and did the "shoe shine" celebration after they scored their second goal. My guys finally settled down and we were up 3-2 at the half. In the second half we dominated and frustration began to set in with the other team. They were cussing and fouling us really badly. My boys were great. They just kept their mouths shut and kept scoring. The final score was 9-3. It sure did feel good to beat the jerks. As proud of our play as I was, I was even more proud of our character and team spirit.

I have been really impressed with the level of play here. The big international schools are as good if not better than most of the large high schools in Mississippi. Somehow my little school has a lot of talent and has been able to step on the field and give everyone a good game. I wish I could bring my guys to the states to play Clinton, MC, Brandon etc. just to see how we would measure up. We might not win many of those games but we definitely wouldn't be outclassed.

I have really been struck by how God has really blessed me through soccer over this past summer and into this season in Europe. With everything that happened at MC last year I was really questioning whether or not I was a good coach or even in the right profession. My U-14's this summer and my VCS team have really renewed my passion for being involved in kids lives through soccer. My guys here really like me and respond to all my encouragement and instruction. Please pray that I will model Christ for them in how I direct our team.

We miss you all very much and look forward to being able to tell you stories in person!


Brittany said...

T-I am so proud of you and for you, your team sounds great, but more than that it sounds like a real answer to prayer: you get to serve the Lord in something that you love and are passionate about. We are always praying for you and envious of your scenery (I think even Aaron would come to all your games if we lived in Austria!) HA. Love.

thelittons said...

Wow!! Thomas!! I'm proud of ya'll!!
Keep up the hard work Thomas!! The scenery is just really interesting!
WOW!! Anyways, We love and Miss ya'll too!!

I'm glad everything is going so well with the soccer team and I'm glad ya'll are doing well and loving Vienna!!

We hope to see ya'll soon!!
Talk To Ya'll Later! Love, Tara & Aunt Ellen & Brian

Anonymous said...

"clinton, mc, brandon..." was leaving out Tupelo because they are in a higher bracket or a lower one? or just cause you didn't want to come all the way to the states and then have to drive up the trace?

glad to hear things are going well.