Tuesday, October 24, 2006

We're BACK!!!

We are so sorry we haven't posted in such a long time. I guess this has been our busy season thus far with Thomas coaching and so many after school activities to be a part of!

Well, let's catch you up on the Vienna Christian School happenings......

On October 13th we had a fun filled Fall Festival! Try saying that 3 times in a row....:)
All the families come to the school for a night of games, science experiments, international foods, and choir performances. Many families bring food that is native to their home country to share with everyone. While the elementary kids ran from the ring toss to the go fishing booths, the High schoolers hung out in the basement where they get to show off their science experiments or they were on the 3rd floor keeping the jail full of little Junior Highers! :) After the game time was over, we all gathered into the AP room to hear the performance of the middle school choirs and beginning band. Of course they were cute and received much applause! Before the festival began, the students were given the opportunity raise enough money to pie their teachers or student counsel members. There were 5 buckets with groups of teachers/students in them. Whichever bucket had the most money dropped into by the end of the night, those teachers got pied. Thomas was definitely in a group of teachers to receive their due reward, but in the end it was the one group of student counsel kids that got pied by their classmates!
We had a great time and you can imagine how much Thad loved running to the ring toss and then going fishing. Although, he wouldn't sit still long enough to get his face painted....oh well. :)

On October 20 & 21, Thomas took the H.S. soccer team to Budapest for a tournament. I'll let him post about his weekend. But he did go to a store there where everything is so cheap!! He brought us back Mountain Dew and a huge block of yummy cheese. It's pretty sad when you're this excited about Mountain Dew huh? :) But it was a great treat and fun to have something a little like home!

On October 22, we had a new staff dinner at our Director's house in order to get to know the Director of the Board and his wife better as well as hear about the history of VCS. The passion and mission of VCS is the same and yet different. Those who started VCS could never have imagined how big it's outreach ministry is today. Created for missionary kids alone, VCS has really changed over the years with so many international kids from so many diverse religions. As the Director wisely said, "I believe God knew from the beginning that VCS would be an outreach school as well." Isn't it beautiful how God used those missionaries 20 years ago to start a school that would in time impact so many different nations around the world? As the Board continues to follow God's leading, it is neat to see that change is good when it is of the Lord. So, even though VCS has changed, the same God that began the school with one mission is behind the change that opened it to the international community. God is being glorified at VCS and we are so thankful to be a part of this mission.
( I hope my thoughts can be interpreted from this feeble attempt at explanation...not my strong point.)


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thelittons said...

Hey Mollie & Thomas!!

Wow!! Awesome getting to read another update from ya'll! it was good to hear from ya'll again.

Anyways, I'm sorry I haven't posted ya'll any comments lately. I opologize, it's just because of everything that has been going on with me lately. I think about ya'll all the time and we all do!!

Anyways, We love and miss ya'll!! Tell Thomas to get back on Facebook!! haha!! Anyways,Talk To Ya'll Later. Love,Tara