Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sophomore Cookout

So, we had a "bonfire" and cookout last weekend with our Sophomore class and it was a blast! We played volleyball and soccer while some of the guys wrestled and Thad just plain tackled all the girls. At one point, there were about 9 students in a tree.... scary! And to top it off, Thomas grilled his famous ribs much to every one's excitement. Our little boys were amazing as they stayed up with us until 11 pm that evening. All in all it was a wonderful event and bonding time as we ended with sharing time around the "bonfire". Our bonfire, if you're wondering, was a bunch of sticks and bigger tree limbs on a small grill like structure. It was great for that evening!! These are the times we cherish and thank God for giving us moments to show love to these students and help them grow in their friendships with each other.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad yall had fun at the cookout! Ean has gotten so big!