Sunday, September 30, 2007

September Class Party

Thomas showing the boys that even though he's old, he can still beat them at video games.
Also sporting his new hair do (or lack there of)

From Left: Kristen (USA), Paola (Mexico), Mariam (Pakistan), Cate (USA), Keziah (Kenya)

The guys piling on the trampoline.

Becca West, one of the other class sponsors, holding Ian and hanging out with Marcus (USA)

As most of you know we are sponsoring the Sophomore class here at VCS. One of the cool things we get to do is to have activities that promote class unity. We are really excited about this because we are attempting to do something a bit different then how things have been in the past.

Historically, VCS classes have raised money throughout their high school years for a Senior trip. Usually the classes have gone to beaches or into the mountains. We have decided to see if our kids would like to do a service trip. It would still be a relaxing time spent with friends, but would focus on serving others and much as enjoying things ourselves.

We have decided that we as the 10th Grade class will try and set a new standard for class unity and service and all of this starts with the community that we can create among each other.

Last night was the first of many gatherings that we will have. It was exclusively a fellowship time that involved among other things, the kids telling Mr. Gardner that his hamburgers were burning and other kids running as they were chased by Thad the little T-Rex. It was great to spend time with the kids outside of school and see how they interact with one another. The kids ate 23 burgers and 18 pieces of chicken. They like Thomas' cooking.

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The Correspondent said...

Wow, Thomas. I got a new 'do recently, too, but I just got my hair cut, not, like, totally shaved off. ~ LHB at Barchester