Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Last night I had two girls over to cook dinner and have a little bible study time. It was fun and eventful.... namely, while we were talking, the boys flooded the bathroom!! But all is well :)

I love just sitting with them and talking about anything. Right now we're slowly going through the book of Philippians. They also love our boys and enjoy playing with them. As we were sitting there chatting, one of them mentioned it was time to go. The other girl said she was so relaxed and enjoying sitting here with Ian, who was cuddled up in her lap. We love it when our kids can minister to others and we never doubt or belittle their ministry. Before this girl left she said, "Your kids make me want to be a mom." :) Well, nothing makes a mother more happy than to know that her kids instill that kind of feeling in another. That means they are half way decent :)

More than that, it reminded me how important it is to have young people in your home. They need to see how a family can function with the ups and downs of life. Children can be a huge witness for Christ. Never doubt your kids ability to make the truth simple and attractive to others.

I hope she is a mom someday and reaps the blessings that come from little hands and feet.

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Ashley said...

That is so sweet! Your little ones are great and you are such a fantastic mom (as well as Thomas is a great dad!!)

I just wanted to stop by and say a big "Thank You!" for the Papua Chocolate! It might not have made it around these parts for more than a couple days, but it was absolutely delicious!