Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our Schizophrenic Blog

Do you guys feel like you're reading two different blogs all wrapped into one? I was just going through and reading our old posts and laughing at how different my posts are from those of my wife. I actually feel like my ramblings interrupt the nice little family pics and cooking things she does. That said, I'm not going anywhere. There has to be some sort of outlet for all the junk floating around in my head. By the way, I am obviously the crazy part to the right of the even kind of looks a bit like me.


Anonymous said...

Thomas, you always have the best visuals to accompany your rants. Keep it all coming!


Daniel and Shea Scarbrough said...

It's your randomness that we love Thomas. Keep it coming. I returned to the Blog world and feel reconnected to the fam. Hope Mollie had a great bday.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mrs.Gardener!!!!! Hope you have a good one!!!