Monday, February 16, 2009

Twist on a Favorite

We love burgers!! Any kind and shape or form :) The other day, Thomas mentioned putting chili and coleslaw on the burger like he'd had in a restaurant a long time ago. Voila! Here is the finished product..

The boys enjoyed it and even though it's very messy, I promise you'll enjoy it too. Just don't put too much chili on the burger like I did or it is definitely messy to eat :)

Here's another view without to much glare from the coleslaw...

By the way, we're all feeling better. And no, this was not a meal we had after we had been sick. This was made before all that chaos. It's only soup and bread for right now until our tummies are strong again.


Ashley said...

You could totally recover a chair or something! For people who want to learn, I recommend buying a cheap piece of furniture that has rough upholstery from a thrift store... like a simple wood framed chair with maybe an upholstered seat or upholstered back. I use a flathead screw driver and needle nose pliers to carefully pry out old staples and carefully remove the old fabric without ripping it or cutting it. I re-use the old fabric to make a pattern for the new cover! Once the new pattern is all cut out, just staple it back into place! Easy Schmeasy!

TheLittons said...

glad to hear all of you are feeling much better!!! everyone around mississippi is staying pretty sick as well... i've been sick all weekend and just finally felt 100% better today. YAY!!!

so yay for everyone feeling much better!!!

prayers for all of you to be feeling strong again soon!!!!

we love ya'll!!!
love, Tara