Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Drive-by Commenting

I love the internet. Where else can you have the audacity to comment on something someone else has created without having any connection/friendship/relationship/aquaintance with them. And this is the world of the drive-by commenter. Perhaps some of you have experienced this on your blogs. I know I have.

You have to love these people because the "real" world of people and ideas is probably a bit difficult for them. As a result, they do a google search for a topic they have something to say about, and then they post their "thoughts" on a random person's blog, making them feel all big and proud of themselves. Seriously, go out and meet some people and then, once you've established a relationship with them, they may want to discuss your ideas with you. Until then, keep your comments and ideas for your own blog.

Rant over. Hurray for blogging.

(P.S. This isn't directed at any of you guys who are our friends. We love your comments!)


Deborah said...

i was going to ask "do you have that many people leaving rude comments?" i hope you guys are well. we miss your family terribly!

Thomas & Mollie said...

It has only happened a couple of times...this last one just really ticked me off.

Thomas & Mollie said...
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Thomas & Mollie said...

If any of you would be interested in discussing theology, doctrine, church leaders, or people I read or listen to, that would be great. The comment area of our blog isn't the place though. Feel free to email me: