Friday, December 28, 2007

The VCS Office

In lieu of the Writer's Guild strike, all of us here at VCS have been deprived of our favorite American TV show, The Office. This video was the idea of Salil and David, two of my soccer players. They are currently in a video editing class taught by my friend Matt and so this is the first of a series that we will be working on.

All of the "stars" of the episode happen to have a break during the video class block so it enables us to shoot all of the footage. You may not get some of it because it's VCS humor but I think there are enough Office parallels that you should enjoy things.


Anonymous said...

This was the BEST parody of The Office I have ever seen. Granted I haven't seen any other parodies of The Office...but if I HAD this would be the best. And it is. It's the best.

Thomas, you make such a great Michael. How does it come so naturally? This is great entertainment, I laughed hysterically at work (Oops). I am so thoroughly impressed by your students' short film skills, and I love that you VCSers are so ingenuitive when the writers guild gets writer's block. Kudos to all. And Well Done!

Anonymous said...

Rats. I meant to sign that last post.


Anonymous said...

I see that I need to clarify once again. Apparently I am not the only person blessed with my name who is interested in leaving thoughts with you guys. This is the "Aunt B" Brittany posting the last three comments, and I shall endeavor to consistently sign even as I shall endeavor to remain your loving sister (-in-law) and,

Aunt B