Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Shock & Awe

Last year we made the discovery that New Years Eve (Silvester) is kind of a big deal here in Vienna. Apparently everyone in the city that is old enough to use a lighter shoots fireworks. This is a city of 2.1 million people so that ends up being a whole bunch of explosions that being around 6:00pm and go for about 7 hours. Things obviously pick up at about 11:30 and are really consistant until 1:00am.

This footage was taken right around midnight. We also had some extra entertainment from some Austrian guys who were across the street in the Lidl parking lot. They had obviously partaken of a large quantity of fermented liquids. This definitely added to the joy of New Years as one or two fireworks managed to go off in the crowd of Austrian guys but thankfully no one was hurt. It sure was fun to watch.

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The Correspondent said...

What an incredible display (although the fireworks way off in the distance gave the appearance of Vienna under siege).

Were you on your balcony? That sure beats going to the Reservoir ...