Thursday, December 27, 2007

Munchkin Pictures/Video

Here are some Pre-Christmas photos of the boys as well as a video shot by Thad without Mom and Dad knowing.

On the 23rd Mollie took Tom, Karen, and Thad down to the Christmas market at Schonbrunn Palace. I was left with Ian and a grocery list so we bundled up (it was like 25 degrees) and headed over to Merkur in our umbrella stroller. Ian loved it and he just looked so cute that I had to take a picture.
Christmas Eve our friends the Pachecos brought us a Christmas basket full of American goodies. It was an amazing gift that included things we don't usually get to enjoy like Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, Rice Crispy Treats and various other things. Before he left I made delivery boy Oscar take a picture with his buddy Thad.

Finally, we came across this video as we were loading Christmas pictures on to the computer. This is Thad's first major film production and it was accomplished all while no adults were present. We aren't sure how he got the camera in the first place much less how he got it to the video setting and actually took footage. However he did it, here is a small glimpse in the world of Thad. He starts off by looking at all of his Christmas presents, then moves to looking at his reflection in the TV, and finishes looking at Ian and telling everyone what he's doing although apparently no one was listening.


The Correspondent said...

What a HOOT! Candid Cameraman Thad didn't do a bad job for his first try. You must be destined to be a video family -- Thad does the shooting, and Thomas does the acting.

MERRY CHRISTMAS (even though Christmas Day is technically over, I continue celebrating until around MLK,Jr.'s birthday or so).

~ The Correspondent

Donna Ashworth said...

Too cute. Looks and sounds like you've got another up and coming video producer. Hope you all have a WONDERFUL New Year! Give Karen and Tom our our, too.

Cuzzin Donna

Donna Ashworth said...

That was supposed to read....Give Karen and Tom our love, too.

Leckerbissen Meister said...

thomas, you should get thad to work on your computer. he seems to already have surpassed your technology iq.

Linda and Steve said...

That was a crack up!
Linda Steve and the kids

B&B_Reynolds_VCS_Missionaries said...

Great job Thad! Hope you get better!:) We're looking forward to seeing you Thomas and Mollie whenever your family is better. Blessings!:)

B & B

Anonymous said...

A Star Producer in the making. Great job Thad!

Aunt B

Anonymous said...

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