Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Parents are COMING!!!!!!!!!!

They'll be here in 3 days!!! We are so very excited to share Christmas and Vienna with them. Also, my Dad will spend his 58th birthday here in Austria! That's pretty monumental and I'd say it's about time he made it to Europe :)

Thad can't wait to see Granddaddy & KK..... especially since his chocolate number 18 can be eaten that day! He has this advent calendar which has doors that hold chocolates. One for each day leading up to christmas and my parents come the 18th...which is the magic number and special chocolate we've been waiting for. :)

Also, Thomas finally shaved his head, which we are all thankful for. It will be funny though as it continues to grow out with blond tips!

So, we have been doing something every night this week! It is such fun going to parties, having cookie exchanges, entertaining students, Christmas concerts & of course the famous markets here during the holidays. It is beautiful here this time of year with decor on every window and chandeliers hung along the Graben downtown. We love it!

In all the excitement and fun, it may be awhile before any posting gets done. So, beware and hold out until January if necessary.

Merry Christmas!!!!!!

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Brittany said...

Oh my goodness, look at the street decorations! wow. How awesome, I'd love to see more pictures of how Austrians celebrate Christmas. So we won't see your parents when we are in MS this Christmas! Good-I hope they have fun with you! Miss you guys-Merry Christmas.