Thursday, July 22, 2010

Yes, he's an MK

This is such a hilarious picture to Thomas and me. We told Thad to smile for the pic and he shows us the peace sign. We both about fell over laughing. Neither one of us told him to do this or showed him how. He has seen kids at school do it and he actually said he saw it on some pictures at school. Only an international kid would do something like this. Such a reminder to us that he is definitely a Third Culture Kid. That or he's been around too many lovable Koreans :)

Corn eatin' fool

I cannot believe I'm going to have another BOY! Where will he fit in a picture like this? I love taking this type of picture and can't wait to have the new one... maybe he'll fit under my chin?
Mamas of boys know that there is nothing sweeter than the love and loyalty of your boys now and the promise of strength and leadership for the future.

I'm in my 20th week today and of course that means I'm halfway to the end. We cannot wait to welcome our new boy and see what laughter he brings to this family!

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Brittany said...

I can't wait, either!!! So, apparently I haven't read your blog since before Josh was Now I get why Mom doesn't remember the '80's.