Tuesday, July 13, 2010

CRIBS - Vienna Summer Addition

Summer in Vienna has its perks. See, there are people who own cool stuff that you don't and they leave for the summer and need someone to take care of their cool stuff. This is where you come in, assuming you can bite the bullet and be apart from friends and family back in the states for over a year.

The Gardner family is currently experiencing our own version of MTV CRIBS. We currently alternate living in an apartment, a home in the city with a great backyard, and what we have dubbed our "vacation home" in a small town outside of Vienna. We have also had access to at least 3 different cars at various stages of the summer, and I really feel the only thing I'm missing is some bling so I can feel like the white chocolate rapper I am on the inside.
That's better. In the words of 2pac, "Picture me rollin'..."

Just like living the high life as a rapper comes with a price (you're on the road all the time...you can't go anywhere because you're famous...you have to have major dental surgery to fill your mouth with platinum, gold, and precious jewels...and you'll probably be shot at least once), so does our Vienna Summer.

We wanted to stay home this summer so we didn't have to live out of a suitcase for 2 months and move from house to house. Oops. That's exactly what we've been doing for the last 3 weeks. Maybe we've become subconsciously nomadic as a result of how we've lived the past 4 summers. It certainly seems that way since we've chosen the same type of life for this summer.

Despite all of this, we really have enjoyed our summer and we are truly grateful to those who have blessed us with homes and cars for the summer. The boys have loved having backyards to play in and Wii's to play with. Thad is actually pretty good a Wii bowling. I'm also Tiger freaking Woods at Wii golf...err...maybe not Tiger...how about Phil Mickelson. Less off the course drama with that choice.

You can pray that we will settle in a bit and that I'll be able to get some work done with some things. What you can pray for specifically:

What to teach through in chapel this year as well as a chapel theme.

That the visa situation for Mollie and the boys will be worked out by the end of August.

For Thad's summer work to be ready for school in August.

For a 4 week series I am planning for our church's youth group that will begin next week.

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Brittany said...

Thomas, I love your posts. Where else could I find pictures of your monogrammed bling? Would Mollie post these, I think not.

Love y'all,
Aunt B