Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Watch out Charlie Brown it's the Great Pumpkin

What a cute little dude. He looks like he's all ready for some Halloween pumpkin carving fun right? Wrong. It turns out the big tough man is deathly afraid of the inside guts of pumpkins. We were all set to do this thing together (I was actually looking forward to making him do the nasty part just like my dad used to do with me). He looked me dead in the eyes and flat out refused to put his hand in there. It was hilarious.

After we got the guts out, the debate raged as to what we should carve. I was thinking a nice cross or icthus fish or maybe even a Chi Rho (that P with the X that you've seen in Catholic stuff before). My wife came up with the cool idea of writing something in Hebrew. We thought of a couple of ideas before finally settling on the Hebrew word for "light." Kind of appropriate.I'm not even going to try and tell you how to actually pronounce this word, but just trust me, it's awesome. And now, my pumpkin is awesome as well. There are tons of amazing times that scripture uses this word. The first and most obvious is when God says "Let there be light."
I'm going to have to say that my favorite is Isaiah 9:2 "The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light; they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined."

That is just a freaking awesome verse. For those of us who have come to know God, we have new life and no longer live in fear or in the shadow of death. May we be so bold to live as lights in a dark place so that others will be drawn to the Lord.

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Mayson and Laura Morrissey said...

I love your pumpkin carving idea! I think we might steal it next year. No pumpkins for us...Rebecca and Kayley each got to take a little pumpkin from the pumpkin patch and they ended up more like toys than anything (in fact, I have no idea where those pumpkins are right now...better check the toy chest!). And Mollie, I love your bruschetta. I seriously never thought of making in into a meal. After looking at your pictures, I want some bruschetta--right now! Sigh...all of your great ideas...another reason I wish we were closer!