Wednesday, September 24, 2008


It's so important to fellowship with your Church. I'm talking about the Church that walks by you during the day and the Church that goes with you to get lunch. Christ's church is not just where we meet on Sundays is it? It's right here in my home and with you at work. WE are the Church and WE need to fellowship! I love having people over for dinner during the week and hanging out with friends on the weekends and going out with moms during the mornings of the week. Those times are powerful and beautiful times of fellowship. We need the Christ in others.... We need to see Him at work in their lives and be sharpened by it. We need to be vulnerable, honest, gracious and attentive when fellowshipping with the Church. Life can be messy, good, tough and so much more.... Be who you are in Christ....let others inside to see the Light in you. And you will be changed by their Light and motivated to come again :)

We had the Staff Retreat this past weekend in a beautiful city outside Vienna. During the weekend, we fellowshipped! It was beautiful to see the Church, a living organism, interacting and laughing and so much more! Please continue to pray for our staff as we live and minister in Vienna.

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B&B_Reynolds_VCS_Missionaries said...

AMEN . . .was this Mollie or Thomas . . .got me fooled. Amen brother or sister whomever wrote this wonderful entry!:)