Thursday, September 04, 2008

Elephants and Peacocks

My friends and I found 3 little animals at the zoo. Here's their backsides as they crawl up a panda bear. Hopefully they won't catch me taking pictures of them.

I'm hoping the creatures won't discover I've been following and observing them in their natural habitat.

This one seems to like me and you can see my arm and the attempt I made to touch it.

Among the 3 little ones, we found the beautiful turquoise colored peacock. Talk about painting! God used incredible colors on this one.

Then we encountered the majestic elephant....

When we arrived home, Thad promptly got out drinking straws and stuck them out of his mouth claiming that these were his tusks. It was rather cute!

So that's a day in the life of the zoo animals....
Sometimes I think I'm the keeper of the zoo. Hmmm....


Anonymous said...

Mol, you're such a fun mom!!! It's good to see y'all having fun..."in your natural habitat"


Lauren A. said...

Hey,Mrs.Molly Gardner its Lauren Anderson.I can tell that ya'll have lots of fun there.I can't believe that ya'll have Ean, he is so cute and Thad is getting so big!Best of Luck,