Thursday, September 21, 2006

Essengburgh Festival

We went to a festival in Essengburgh just outside Vienna.
The train took us through beautiful wine country to get there! Essengburgh is a little town with a castle wall built all the way around. They celebrate the medieval era here by dressing up, cooking, and selling goods all in the medieval style. We loved watching and eating and just experiencing some neat traditional music and dancing.....and sword fighting!
Hope you enjoy the pictures of our experience!

They were putting on a mock trial on stage

Thad was enjoying the festival with one of his many babysitters! All staff kids from VCS.....:)


Bryan said...

how's the German language coming along?

thelittons said...

Wow!! It looks sooo pretty there.
I love that picture of thad!!

Looks like ya'll had a really good time.

we love and miss ya'll Aunt Ellen & cousin Tara

Jordan said...

Wine Country!