Monday, September 18, 2006

Coffee House

These pictures were taken at the school during a Thursday night Coffee House. The students come and hang out and some even put on a few skits. Many of the students participated with their local bands and provided some very loud music. Thad didn't know what to think of that! The staff are also involved in putting on a couple of skits. And in fact, Thomas' skit with three other staff members won the competition!

They love to pose for the camera!

Thad loved the attention that night from the students.

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thelittons said...

wow!! that sounds like sooo much fun. WAY TO GO THOMAS!! That sounds like a lot of fun and very interesting!!

Anyways, Ya'll have a good rest of the week!! And Mollie Austin told me to tell you that he said hello.
He said he hadn't heard from ya'll yet. I was going to forward that one newsletter ya'll sent me to him because he wants to see it so I'm going to do that.

Anyways, I'll talk to ya'll later.
I've got a few things I've gotta do with those guys some things we've got to get squared away.
Love Ya'll and Hope to hear more from ya'll soon!! love,Tara & Aunt Ellen