Friday, September 08, 2006


It's Thomas' Birthday today and he's 26! So if you have a second please send an email or make a comment and wish him well! Thanks for all your encouragement and comments on the blog. It's so exciting to have y'all stand behind us as we serve here in Vienna. Hope everyone has a great weekend and thanks for letting Thomas know he's appreciated!


Karen said...

Hey Thomas,
We sent you 2 e-cards. Did you get them? Hope you had a great birthday!
Love, Tom, Karen & Mimi

Anonymous said...

Hey Thomas,
Happy Birthday again! Robert downloaded Skype and tried to call today but y'all were out on the town I guess. Hope you had a great day.
We'll talk to you this weekend.
I love you,

thelittons said...

Hey Thomas!!

Happy Birthday!! We hope you had a wounderful day and Have A Wounderful evening and weekend!!
We Love You!! Love, Tara & Ellen & Brian

mikey said...

getting old buddy. happy birthday. sorry it is a day late. hope you had a good birthday. talk to you later.


Anonymous said...

dizang... you are old.

sorry i haven't been commenting, but i didn't even know about this blog til a couple days ago.
it's good to get an update on you three.
hope it's going as well as it appears.

happy birthday.

Brian_Reynolds_Missionary said...

Hey buddy happy birthday, but I think I said that already. Hope you enjoyed your Haribo bears. Cya!

Kristen said...

So um...I`m pretty sure you`d be much cooler if you got on Facebook more often and talked to me. I know you miss your favorite liberal.