Saturday, August 22, 2009

Registration Day

Yesterday all of the kids were required to come to the school to register for classes and to pick up their schedules. It was great to spend time laughing and joking with all of them as well as finding out about their summers. The morning was a crazy time with kids seeing each other for the first time since school let out and teachers frantically trying to finish up lesson plans and course outlines.

Here are a few of our "new" middle schoolers. These girls will be sixth graders and are so excited that they're no longer elementary students. Pictures like this are why I love VCS. In this pic alone you have Central America, South East Asia, and North America all represented. What an awesome opportunity to teach here!

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Mayson and Laura Morrissey said...

Wow, this brings back so many memories! I love the beginning of the year at VCS...what a fun time. Holzmann brings back memories, too....