Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Preacher Man

So I got to preach at my home church this Sunday. I really enjoyed it and was massively encouraged by many members of the church. Here is a link to the audio and outline.


Give it a listen and shoot me some feed back (only if it's good...don't tell me I'm going to burn or anything).

We should also be heading back to Vienna around this time next week. We'll post some updates on the summer once we get back to our home and have a bit of time to unwind.


Anonymous said...

Hey-I forgot to tell you that I listened to your sermon. Very cool. I like how you teach, Thomas. And I'm so glad you got the chance to preach at Riverwood. Praise God, and well done!


Steppi said...

you are going to burn ... havent listened to it yet, but i will ...