Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wasser Spielplatz ( Water playground)

We had an amazing time today at this sand and water park right next to the Donau (Danube). It's free and fresh water! I haven't had this much fun with the boys in Vienna since.....well I can't remember. I'm so excited to have found this place and my goal is to come back at least 4 more times before cold weather sets in. Woo Hoo! for free parks :)

There is a ton more interactive stuff but I couldn't carry the camera everywhere :) They have these metal stepping stools you can jump on and water flies out of them! Also, they have lots of handles to crank and pump water out of onto the sand. Very fun for little kids who like to get dirty and experience a little beach action. Thanks God for another fun day in Wien!


Daniel and Shea Scarbrough said...

So now that I'm caught up with reading your last 4 blogs I'll just comment here for efficiency. We LOVED spending time with you guys in MS. What an encouragement to us to hear about God's work in your ministry! Thank you for sharing about the Church...love your teachings interjected with humor (don't tell Jerry). Maybe D and I should build our own Water Park in Ridgeland. That sounds so fun. You know they closed Rapids...hmmmm...I see $$$$. Keep posting pics. Love you!

Jones Family said...

Looks like fun! Talk to ya soon.

Anonymous said...

I wanna come!!!!! You forgot Aunt B!

Ian has slimmed and talled (word?) into a little boy instead of baby. What happened?? You guys were just here!

Ok, it's not really anonymous, it's me!