Thursday, May 08, 2008

Staff worship evening

Last Saturday, we had the opportunity to organize a staff worship evening at the school. Within the busyness of life is hard to find time to gather our staff as a whole and fellowship. We thought it would be neat if we had just a time of praise and worship with no other distractions. So, I (mollie) was able to create a small team to help lead an hour and half of songs with scripture read intermittently. It was a wonderful time and so many have expressed what a blessing it was to get quiet before the Lord. In most of our churches here, the worship time is different than what we are used to or maybe there's no childcare during that time. Sometimes it can be difficult to sing and enter into a worshipful spirit when you have so many distractions. The Lord provided such a sweet time of singing last Saturday that I truly believed it encouraged and uplifted our staff in a special way. So glad to have been available for that purpose!

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