Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Joel & Kim visit

We had a great time with Uncle Joel and Uncle Kim. That's right, "Uncle" Kim! Thad just can't seem to get "Aunt" out of his mouth and so she is most affectionately called "Uncle". Here are some highlights from the week.

River boat cruise down the Danube

Celebrating "Uncle" Kim's and Ian's birthday

Hiking to a castle

And seeing the funniest car on the way down from the castle. Chicago police written on the side but found in a little town in Austria :)

Also, another highlight of the week was the Frauenlauf ( Woman's run) that Kim and I ran in. We were both able to run the 5k without stopping!! Kim finished before me and my short legs....but it was a blast and definitely something I'll do again!


Ashley said...

uncle kim! I laughed out loud

Brittany said...

Very funny! "Uncle" Kim. And the car!! That should be here, not there-haha. so fun. How exciting that they got to come and visit

B&B_Reynolds_VCS_Missionaries said...

Yeah chicago . . .world conquest . . .whats next a Jackson, MI fire truck!?

shelby said...

that is a cool police car!!! Have fun!