Saturday, February 09, 2008

Austria vs. Germany

Whenever I really start to miss my friends and family back in the States, it seems that God gives me some really cool experience over here that I otherwise would never have had. Last Wednesday some good friends of ours, the Pachecos, invited me to go with them to see Austria & Germany play soccer in the national stadium here in Vienna. I personally didn't care much for seeing the Austrian team, but I was really excited about seeing Germany.

It was a great game with Germany coming up with a 3-0 win. All of the goals were scored at the end of the field directly in front of us. I know people in the states get really passionate about college football but the level of chanting and singing at a European soccer game really beats anything I've ever experienced at an American sporting event. Here are some videos of the Austrian and German national anthems (jeered and whistled by each set of opposing fans).

This video is of the German fans chanting while the Austrian team was being announced.


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hey mollie & thomas,

so we finally make it back on this thing...!! YAY!! I cant ever get signed in on this thing, this thing is kind of hard to figure out for me, but I think I actually got it this time... GO ME!!!

Anyways, I have always been reading your post though, I haven't ever stoped reading them, I just wasn't able to leave ya'll comments because it wouldn't ever work right for me.

Anyways, I posted on ours tonight once we got set back up on this thing again, so ya'll need to be sure to go read ours and leave us some love!!

We love and miss ya'll and cant wait to see ya'll this summer!! I'm excited b/c to be quit honest its getting quit lonely around here in MS now. Look forward to lots of hang time with ya'll this summer.. some much needed time with ya'll!!!

See Ya'll Before you know it.. this year is flying by way too quickly but I'm excited about that though!! Love, Tara, Ellen, Brian, Sara

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did they ever sing hail state?

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the first goal (thomas h.) was pretty nice huh?

hope you guys are doing well.


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Hey,its Kayla.When are you going to visit?We got a new yorkey!It's name is Max.He is so cute!


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Hello! Hope yall are doing WELL!