Saturday, February 09, 2008

7 Things about ME

Ok, so apparently we've been tagged by another blog to answer the 7 things about me.

So here we go:

Mollie :

1. I love staying at home all day long. I don't even have to go outside! There are several days where I haven't made it outside at all!

2. I love doing the dishes!! I could wash dishes all day long and I'm quite a perfectionist at it.

3. My one dream job is to repaint and distress furniture to look antique. Of course, I would have an old barn as my entire workspace and this barn would be on a beautiful property in the country :) ( I currently paint when I can....but to be full time would be amazing!)

4. I married my high school sweetheart and I'm so in love with him. He is an amazing man and I love him more everyday as he promotes me and finds out how I can use my talents in the ministry here in Vienna.

5. My favorite thing to do is play the piano for hours at night with all the lights turned off in the house and only the piano lamp on. Doing this in an empty house is even better because I can play and sing my heart out without anyone hearing. This is when I feel God....

6. I find such enjoyment in organizing and cleaning out boxes or rooms. I love to help others do this and get so excited about completely changing the look of a room or closet. Organizing is healing for me and anytime you need some help.... call me! ( unless of course you're in the States, I won't make it there for awhile :)

7. I like to jump out and scare my kids... hee hee. I'll start hysterically laughing at them to get them to laugh and then make crazy faces at them. Thomas tells everyone this is why our kids are hyper and silly. He thinks it might damage them for life, but I just can't help it! It's so fun!!! :)

Ok that's all!

I tag Erica!


Daniel and Shea Scarbrough said...

Thanks for sharing! So you'll appreciate this. My sister came in town this weekend and we totally reorganized my kitchen! I threw out junk, packed up stuff for Good Will, and now I have TONS of storage space (should I need it) or I can just appreciate the clean, empty shelves!

TheLittons said...

wow, sounds like you find tuns of things to do with your spare time.

Thats quit funny, you will appriciate this as well, I actually just went through my closet and my chest drawers and got rid of all of my old close that dont fit anymore and packed it all up to give to good will.
my mom brought home two Good Will bags for us to fill up with close that dont fit us anymore that her school was going to give to Good Will.

I could use your help over the summer cleaning out my closet, when you get back to the states! ha!! JUST KIDDING!! I wouldn't do that to you!! But Seriously your more than welcome to come over and help me out. Just give me a shout and let me know your coming over!

atleast I got a start on cleaning out some things, I've got so much to clean out, its not even funny thanks to my dad moving to a new house all of my junk from CDale is here to go through, I've gone through like 5 or 6 boxes of stuff already and filled up garbage bags and got rid of a good bit of stuff.
So it's a start but I have a long way to go. I've still got stuff to go through in the storage unit in cdale next time im there.