Friday, October 26, 2007

T-Rex Attack

T-Rex attack is without a doubt the best title for what's happening lately in the world of Thad. Apparently the interests of children are genetic as my son appears to have the same fascination with dinosaurs that I had when I was a little boy. The interesting thing is finding materials that can help feed his interests without introducing world-view elements that we personally disagree with. Mollie has been looking on the Answers in Genesis website for some good dino videos for Thad. Maybe we are raising the future pioneer in the field of biblical paleontology. Until then we'll just have to deal with our little T-Rex ambushing us and eating us whenever he feels the need.

Funny Story: Thad "roars" when he does his T-Rex. Most people find this hilarious that a little boy comes up to them and growls and does his T-Rex hands. The kids at school all play along and run away from him, providing him with prey to chase. The unfortunate side effect of this has been that the T-Rex is now Thad's defense mechanism when he is embarrassed.

The other day I took Thad to Merkur (our local grocery store) to buy some things for Mollie. While we were in line checking out, a girl probably around my age or a bit younger got in line behind us. She of course noticed how cute That was (he is my son after all) and began to speak to him auf Deutsch (in German). As he didn't really understand her, he became embarrassed and T-Rex made his first "public" appearance. I guess I, forgetting she was Austrian, half expected her to be amused like everyone else is. I guess that T-Rex gets lost in translation some where because she seemed way more offended than amused. So we are now working on when and where T-Rex is ok and where he needs to stay locked inside our little boy's head. It may seem silly, but we want Thad to be himself but not offend people so please remember to pray for us as parents with this little guy.

Also, Mollie is having some real knee troubles. It has even gotten to the point that we are going to go to see a doctor. Please pray that this will not be serious and no surgery will be required. As you can imagine there is a real temptation to be anxious about this, especially with me leaving Mollie with the boys for 12 days.

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