Saturday, October 06, 2007

Mountain Dew VCS

The VCS Senior Store. Very excited about selling Mountain Dew which they import since it is not available in Austria.

With a guest appearance from Mr. Gardner.


Aaron said...

That is hilarious. Have they tried Vault?

Brittany said...

Thomas. I am not kidding you-that was amazing! Okay, so my favorite part is of course where you tackle the guy at the end, but I am so in awe of the talent of the kids! Great job. I posted it on my own blog :D

Daniel and Shea Scarbrough said...

Quite impressive. I'm not sure the American Education Association would approve of such graphic violence being condoned on school grounds, but then again we're talking about a Dew. Enjoyed this one. Keep 'em coming. I was also thrilled to hear of the new believer on Thomas' soccer team. We're praying for ya'll. Take care.