Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Well, I thought that everyone should know that Thomas has been training to run in the Vienna half marathon since January. He seems ready and I'm so proud of him!!! The goal he set back in January seemed a little daunting because those of you who know Thomas..... well like he puts it, "If I'm going to run, there had better be a goal to kick a ball into." So, I'm proud to say that he has trained and can run a half marathon!! YEA!
The Marathon will take place this Sunday and he'll be running with a few other VCS staff. Take some time to send a message encouraging him and check out the website for this awesome event.


Brian_Reynolds_Missionary said...

We cannot say that we can yet, our attitude is that we hope to and we think we can. I think of Thomas like the little engine that could . . .if he gets negative and starts thinking he can't finish the half marathon then he . .and I probably will not. I am pumped, we're gonna finish and finish well! :) Cya guys!

Brittany said...

I'm sure Thomas can do it! I know you are able MR.
I look forward to seeing a picture of you crossing that line!