Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easter! He is Risen Indeed!

Here's a look at our sweet little boy all dressed up for church. He's quite a cutie! We had such a wonderful Sunday morning service complete with testimonials of the HOPE we have in Christ. Aren't we grateful for the death of Jesus Christ to free us from our sins and His resurrection which gives us new life!? In Him, we can have life and truly live for His glory through His power! He is risen Indeed!

Well, there they are.... all Four of them! :)
Thad and his friends just finished their egg hunt!

Now Thad is chowing down on all the chocolate!

1 comment:

Brittany said...

In that last picture Thad looks just like Robert to me!
I miss you guys. Miss that I can't watch your peanut grow in your tummy (you look so good), miss seeing Thad and having him recognize me...*sniff*...miss being able to watch Thomas' team play, and I miss you guys knowing Luke!
Jane said she got to say hi over the internet-how fun. Andrew is pressuring us to do that too.
this was going to be a comment about Thad looking like uncle bob, but sorry about it ending up more like a letter.
Anyway-miss you all, enjoy my virtual hug!