Sunday, March 04, 2007

VCS Musical pictures....finally

It's been over a month since the musical "Guys & Dolls" but we just got some pictures to show you guys. Mollie was extremely busy in the month leading up to the performance but it was well worth it as she was able to get to know several of the kids that she hasn't spent much time with.
This was most of the cast in one of the final scenes. The kids were hilarious and worked really hard to make sure they put on a great performance for all of the parents and teachers.
In the middle of all the hard work and preparation, Mollie was really reminded about how awesome the ministry at VCS is. One night during rehearsal, the drummer for the orchestra, who is a church planter here in Vienna, had to take a phone call that involved church business. While this man was counseling someone, his son was enjoying acting out his part in the musical. It was really cool to think about our role in the lives of this family. VCS provides a stable situation for the kids of missionaries in Austria and in turn allows the parents to be more effective in the field. Thank you all so much for supporting us and making this ministry possible!

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Josh said...

I’ve enjoyed keeping up with your blog. It’s evident that you’re having tons of fun living abroad this year. Are you still learning the language?

I recently watch the VCS video, very impressive. It’s absolutely beautiful to see the diversity represented at VCS; a true reflection of Gods kingdom. God definitely has provided you with an incredible opportunity to grow in him and spread his light to a dark world.

Here is a little late news for you from the States. Krista and I got engage in December. The wedding is scheduled for July 7, 2007, in Winchester, VA. We’re currently looking around Belhaven for a place to rent.

I’ve got to run. I hope all continues to go well for your family. Thad most be getting excited about his future baby brother.

Take care,