Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Uncle "Bobby" came to visit

Thomas' younger brother, Robert, was able to come visit during his spring break. It was an enjoyable time and we loved watching Thad just cling to him saying "Bobby play soccer ball".

We were able to go to a castle right outside the city and explore the grounds with Robert. But before we started our adventure, Thad climbed into the driver's seat and told us he was going to drive us there. :)
Shortly after Robert arrived, Thomas was able to take him to Salzburg and Munich for an overnight trip. They went to a Red Bull Salzburg soccer game and had great "brother time" watching the sport they love most.
We miss you already Bob! Thanks for coming and encouraging us here in Vienna.


Anonymous said...

ok... whose kid is that in the driver's seat? there is no freakin way that is thad...


Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs.Molly, We are out of school and i miss Mrs.Gardner.The new baby is so cute.I didn't know you already had him.I miss you! love,kayla.