Friday, January 12, 2007

Late Christmas pics

Well, it was a full holiday for us here in Vienna! With my sister, Brittany, and her husband, Jordan, here for 10 days and a full week of family time after that, we were so thankful for all that we got to do during our break. Thomas didn't have to go back to work until January 8th, so we had a great time being together. Here are some pics of our break and some on Christmas morning.

Taken at a Christmas market

This week (Jan. 8-12) has been so busy with jumping back into the routine and adding a couple extra events in there as well. I (mollie) have been helping with the musical at school everyday this week including staying after school until 6pm. It's been exhausting going in the morning and getting back to get Thad a nap and then head to the school for afternoon practice. But I have to say that this has been the most fun I've had all year! I love getting to know the students and being a part of their school day! So, we're thankful for this opportunity and look forward to the nights we perform on the 18, 19, and 20 of January. Thomas has been enjoying getting lots of time with Thad during this week and you can tell that they are big buddies! God has been good to us and we love what we are doing here at VCS.
Thank you for praying and giving .....we love being in this together with you!
I Thess. 5:24

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thelittons said...

i love the pictures of Thad!!

I love the one of all of you together, ya'll should have sent that as your christmas picture this year!!

Anyways, are ya'll going to come go with all of us to Gatlinburg in June for the reunion ?? I hope so!
ya'll need to come go with us!!

I will send ya'll some of the halerious pictures I just saw from the trip To Gatlinburg that Austin just got back from so ya'll can get an idea of the places we will get to see and things to do.