Thursday, November 02, 2006

Our little monster!

Well, we went to a costume party on the 31st and this is the little monster we took with us! He has scars on his face to complete his little outfit. We thought he was cute and quite the life of the party.....or so he thought!

On another note, it snowed today! Just some flurries that came down real thick at one point and light at other times. But Thad just loved it and couldn't stop saying, "noh, noh" for snow. :)


thelittons said...


awwweeee He looks sooo cute!!

Looks like ya'll had a good time!!

are ya'll coming home for Thanksgiving or Christmas?? email me and let us know. Thanksgiving is at our house this year for the 2nd year!! YAY!!

Anyways, Ya'll have a blessed weekend or a blessed one as one of my buddies would say. We Hope to see ya'll soon! We love & Miss Ya'll.

I GOT NEWS!!! I'll email you and tell you!!! talk to you later! Love,Tara

mikey said...

hey guys,
thad looked really scary. it looks like and sounds like ya'll are having a great time over there. i could not be happier for you guys. keep in touch.