Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hollywood Nights Dance

Friday Night was the VCS Student Council Dance. This is only the third year that the kids have been able to have dances and so they really enjoyed themselves. The theme was Hollywood Nights and so Thomas and another teacher were drafted to be the paparazzi. The kids really enjoyed being treated like celebrities and I think Thomas gave them a good lesson about how annoying the paparazzi can be.

After some of the dance experiences that I had in high school as a student and teacher let me just say how refreshing it was to go to a dance where the kids were really there to have fun with each other. It was nice as a chaperone to just be able to sit back and have fun without having to police the way kids danced or look for inappropriate things they may have tried to bring with them. We are really blessed to be able to get the kids together to fellowship with each other outside of a classroom setting and have them be so eager to participate!

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thelittons said...

Hey Ya'll

wow!! That looks like sooo much fun!! I wish we had done a dance like that here in the states when I was in highschool!! that would have been sooo cool!!

Anyways, glad Thomas had a great time!!

keep the updates coming!!

We'll miss seeing ya'll Thanksgiving! Hey everyone will be over here at my house for thanksgiving so if anyone wants to I'll see if I can get some of the family to get on here and leave ya'll comments!!

anyways, Ya'll have a great week and have a great Thanksgiving!!
We love ya'll and can't wait to see ya'll this summer!!

Love Tara & Aunt Ellen