Thursday, October 20, 2011

Medieval Festival

We went to a medieval festival in Eggenburg, Austria last month. It was fun and we even dressed up this time. I got in for cheaper because of my makeshift outfit. Yes, that's a cloth diaper on my head ;) The boys had swords tucked into their belts with Daddy's shirts on.

It is such fun to dress up and become part of an era long past. Good food and drink, some cross bow fun for the boys and a new set of arrows for Thad's bow back home. Ian even got a new dagger.

We're thankful for these unique experiences and love that our boys get to see "real" knights and their massive swords.


staceyb said...

So FuN! We are dressing up at the Duke's next weekend for a young adults gathering. Theme=missionaries. Perhaps I'll go as a Mollie Gardner gone medieval.

Nanny said...

I love these pictures, but I have to ask, "Where was Daniel?"

medieval outfit said...

I love this one. I bet you had a great time. Medieval themed parties and gatherings is like so fun and exciting.