Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Ebb and Flow of Life

Sometimes I think we have nothing to post about and sometimes we have too much going on to take a moment to post about that. I'm sure you've noticed, as a sweet friend pointed out, we've yet to update in 3 months. Has nothing happened? Or too much going on?

I always want life to be predictable. You know, same schedule and same expectations each day. I thrive in an organized environment. Planned meetings with friends are right up my alley. I love orderly closets full of clean smelling clothes, squeaky clean kitchen counters and when I've been efficient in my tasks, you can probably hear my contented sighs as the day ends.

BUT... life is not always organized, scheduled, efficient or clean. It's often spur of the moment, messy and sometimes wearisome, discouraging and hurtful.

Is God in control of all of those moments? Even the ones that bring nothing but pain? Does His grace reign down on me when I'm whistling while I work and the times when I'm struggling to get out of bed?

You see, I want to be the perfect blogger always filling everybody in on our life. Showing my new recipes, crafts and family photos sounds so fun to me. I also have blog envy where I salivate over the nifty, savvy mom's blogs out there. But I must stop and realize that there is a time for everything. The ebb and flow of this blog, I believe, is a testimony to the ups and downs of our life.

Walking back through our posts, I can see the times where life was rolling along and there were good, energetic days for us. Then you can tell when a new baby comes or sickness rolls in, the blog kinda remains stagnant. The same post up there forever!

I guess what I'm trying to say is: I'm learning that God has appointed this day for me. Whatever happens in it, messy or clean, His grace is still there poured out over me. He has no expectations of me.... He knows I'm imperfect. There is a time for all kinds of things and all of those things cannot happen at the same time. I can be at a place in life where I am on top of all the daily activities and smiling. Or I can be at a place in life where I'm hurting or so unbelievably tired that nothing gets accomplished.

I like our blog. It shows our life. In the long interludes between posts, you can just assume life is too busy to stop and blog. You can picture spilled milk, a whining baby, runny noses and chicken nuggets for dinner three nights in a row.

But most of all you can pray that whatever kind of season it is for us, that we would soak up God's grace and keep running forward to finish this race, our race on earth. That our hearts would overflow with thankfulness and He would be glorified.

What is the ebb and flow of your life? Do you cling to Him in every season? Blogging or non-blogging seasons? :)


The Walkers said...

I love you. Mol, when did you become the truly wonderful writer out of the three of us?? I am in awe and inspired. I have a similar post running through my head that should go on our blog...the one we haven't updated in, oh, say 6 months?? But I'm thinking of copying and pasting yours...
Is it still plagiarism if you're blood-related to the author?

staceyb said...

Mollie I'm a no blogger, but I love to read them. :). So I have nothing to record the seasonal changes of my life but my personal journal which certainly get neglected when life gets hectic. I love that we do live in seasons nothing, good or bad, lasts forever.! Thanks for the update;)