Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rapid Wien Christmas

Rapid Vienna is one of Europe's most storied football clubs. They have a history dating back into the early 1900's and so it was a really cool thing that Thad and I got to go to a match as an early Christmas present to him. He thought the stadium was really cool but about 30 minutes into the game he asked when we were leaving. You can only ask so much from a 5 year old, right?

Here we are as the match was beginning. We had a great time with the other staff who went with us, and we're looking forward to checking out FK Austria (a rival club) sometime during the Spring. If I can get there, this will mean I've been to a match at each of Vienna's most famous stadiums.

Here are some videos of goals from the match that I caught. The match finished 5-0 to Rapid so it was no wonder I caught a few on camera. The videos will be in subsequent posts.

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