Thursday, October 28, 2010

Funny Story (UPDATED)

So, yesterday we went to the High school Boys soccer match against VIS, Vienna International School. Ian and I arrived a little late only to find Thad hanging out with a bunch of older boys and not wearing his coat, just like they weren't. It was cold! So I told him to get it on now! He says it's over on the other side of the field where Dad is coaching because that's where he left it before the game started.

I decide to make him run around the perimeter of the field to get it and come back quickly. So Thad turns and heads off to run around the field. I forgot he has a little brother who wants to do everything too! Well, Ian ran right after him and I was a little concerned but pleasantly surprised that he was following the perimeter just like Thad. I mean I can't chase him in my condition. So my friends and I watched him go and hoped he'd make it all the way to Dad, who is still coaching mind you. All the sudden Ian freaks out and runs across the field...... AHHHH! Straight down the line that forms the goal keepers box. The Ref is blowing the whistle and the players near him are trying to catch him but without success. He's headed straight across the field and no one is stopping him! So embarrassing, right? Well, a few minutes later he asks me about Daddy and wants to see him. But we have a long talk about how he will have to wait until the game is over and especially DO NOT run on the field AGAIN!!

Now keep in mind I'm very preggo and not about to chase him and he knows it. I keep talking to my friend and look up and he's on the field AGAIN! The ref is blowing the whistle and the players are laughing.... thank goodness. I'm sure Dad is NOT laughing and I'm completely mortified this time. Our friend who tried to stop him as he was entering the field heard him yell back at him, "You're not my Dad!" Wow, that's my boy's response to anyone who is trying to correct him. Not good.

Everyone else thought it was funny except his Mama, although I find it funny now as I'm blogging about it. Boys are too much and yet I'm adding a third one! I guess if these are the worst things my children do then I'll survive.

Ian, someday we'll tell your story when you are playing high school soccer. The one about the boy who interrupted a high school boy's match not once, but twice all because he wanted to see his Daddy :)

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Kristi said...

Ok, this was hilarious....wish I could have been there to see it! However, if you'd like to extricate baby soon you could always try chasing other little Gardners around!