Thursday, November 12, 2009

My World History class is currently studying the Renaissance and the Reformation. This is a facinating time period in Christian history because of the unique individuals that were working towards new movements in theology as well as church reform.

One of these men was Desiderius Erasmus. Born in Rotterdam as the illegitimate son of a Dutch priest, he managed to become one of the leading Latin scholars of the Renaissance period as well as a covert church reformer. As I have been reading some of his writings I have come across several notable quotations that I thought would be interesting to share with you guys. Enjoy.

"Would that the farmer might sing snatches of scripture at his plow and that the weaver might hum phrases of scripture to the tune of his shuttle, that the traveler might lighten with stories from scripture the weariness of his journey."
Taken from the preface of his 1516
version of the Greek New Testament.
What a convicting quote. We have come so far in our access to scripture, and yet we take that priviledge so lightly.

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