Wednesday, September 02, 2009

God's Provision seen in Rhubarb?

You know... God always provides and sometimes it's not what you expect. The other day I was looking at a friends cookbook and saw a recipe for Rhubarb pie and I mentioned that I'd never had Rhubarb before. "The garden is full of it right now, why don't you go and get some" was the reply. I didn't even know she grew rhubarb! But there you have it, ten stalks of fresh rhubarb for free!
So, I set out to make a rhubarb pie and found that I rather enjoyed it!

It has a very tangy flavor and needs lots of sugar in my opinion to make it balance out. But I recommend having a big scoop of Ice Cream with it and you'll love it... I promise!

By the way, that was my first attempt at a lattice pie top. It was very fun and turned out lovely or so I thought.

Interesting fact: The leaves of a rhubarb plant are very poisonous..... hmmm, who knew?


Matt and Steph said...

I love rhubarb--especially with strawberries! Its also super good as a crisp!

The Correspondent said...

This reminds me of the song I used to sing to The Honorable Judge (borrowed from a Garrison Keillor skit):

Mama's little baby loves rhubarb, rhubarb,
Mama's little baby loves rhubarb pie!

Brittany said...

Lovely! Even the swath of red stalks stashed by your wine and potatoes is picturesque!

Not so, however, on your "first" lattice top pie crust...perhaps the first by yourself, but don't you remember a certain apple pie we made with Mom one day? Six hands arranging pastry on a pie looked more like three women playing the Twister game with tentacles. :)

Ashley said...

Rhubarb is huge up here! I've only ever tasted it in a pie with strawberries once and it really tasted more like a sugar pie than anything else... maybe I'll try to make one myself.