Monday, March 23, 2009


I found this awesome Idea on the internet.... what a great way to use an old necktie!
If you have any of those unwanted neckties laying around the house, or think the man of the home doesn't need to be wearing that particular one anymore because it's out of style.... then I have the project for you!
Just take the tie and begin stuffing it between the back lining and silk front. Stuff all the way down and sew or repair stitching on the seam if needed. Add eyes and a tongue and voila! You have a snake that your little buddy will absolutely, hands down... LOVE!

This one is a diamond back.... ha ha
Happy Snake crafting :)


Emmi said...

what a great idea! love you sharing of your craftiness and cooking- really enjoy it!

redneckmusings said...

you should go to the klein home. i'm sure there are tons of scary ties over there.

what could you make out of a sweater?

Thomas & Mollie said...

John, I guess I could make a teddy bear out of a sweater... and call it Kleine

Kristi said...

I love this idea!! Jeremy may be missing a couple of ties when he gets home... :o)